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Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT 60V Electric Scooter

AVAILABLE NOW! The world's favourite high-performance Ultimate Warrior electric scooter is back! The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 has been supercharged with cutting edge features which transform this best-selling beast into an apex predator.
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The world's favourite high-performance Ultimate Warrior electric scooter is back! The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 has been supercharged with cutting edge features which transform this best-selling beast into an apex predator.

The Wolf Warrior GT introduces Kaabo's all new full colour TFT display which is mounted in the centre of the handlebars. This ultra bright 3.5" screen displays the scooter’s vital stats such as battery, current speed, trip, power mode, time and more. The large informative display is easy to see in bright sunlight and runs on Kaabo's own custom software.

Kaabo's Wolf scooters have always had the world’s brightest headlights but they have now added front and rear turn signals to the GT for improved safety and visibility. Lastly, the motor select buttons now feature built in LEDs to clearly show you whether single or dual motors are engaged.

Mounted between the front stem poles is Kaabo’s new ECU box designed for the GT scooters. The ECU box houses the controllers and other electrical components. This allows for 3 major improvements. It helps to keep these components protected from water, frees up room in the deck to allow for a bigger battery and features air vents to keep the controllers cool when riding at full throttle.

With this new ECU box design, Kaabo’s Wolf GT models now boast an IPX5 water resistance rating. This means that the scooter is protected against low pressure water jets from any direction. So you no longer have to worry if you get caught out in the rain or accidentally ride over a small puddle. Keep in mind you should always avoid riding in wet conditions as this can be extremely dangerous.

With the extra room created in the deck, the Kaabo Wolf GTs have upgraded to the larger 21700 battery cells which provide greater power and runtime. Also the Wolf Warrior GT comes with two chargers included so you can charge this massive battery in around 7 hours.

✓ A Insane 1200W Motor
✓ All New 40A Sine Wave Controllers
✓ Travel Further with a 150km Range
✓ Super Top Speed of 80+ km/h
✓ Full Colour 3.5" TFT Display Mounted on Handlebars
✓ Informative Display and Easy to Read in Sunlight 
✓ Added Safety With Front and Rear turn signals
✓ Now Boasts an IPX5 Water Resistance Rating
✓ Increased Handlebars of 50mm Higher & 100mm Wider
✓ The Combined Large Handle bars and Deck Gives
Ultimate Control and Stability at High Speeds
✓Ride Confidently with Puncture Proof Tubeless Tyres
✓Full Hydraulic Brakes
✓Dual Charging Ports for Faster Charging

Recommended Age: 16YRS+
Weight: 50KG
Top Speed: 80KM/H+ Private Property, Limited to 25KM/H
Max Range: 150KM
Max Hill Climb: 100% Gradient
Motor: 1200W Front and Rear
Battery: 60V 35AH LG M50/Samsung 50E (21700 CELLS)
Charge Time: 8.8hrs (Halved With 2 Chargers)
Tyres: 11” Pneumatic
Brakes: Front & Rear Full Hydraulic
Suspension: Front Hydraulic Rear Spring
Lights: Headlight, Tail light, Braking, Deck Side Lights, Turn Signals
Display: Speed, Mode, Battery, Trip, Voltage, Dual/single Motor
Max Load: 150KG
Dimensions (Unfolded): 1260 x 660 x 1250
Dimensions (Folded): 1500 x 660 x 480mm